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entry : sumber dr babycenter

Aku rase mmg ini lah yg terjadi skrg :

You may notice playtime becoming increasingly elaborate and using more props. Beginning this year, your child is entering the rich world of pretend play (next year he'll become even more engaged in it). Whenyou're invited into these games, follow your child's lead rather than directing the action yourself. His imaginationis starting to work overtime, and telling you to be "the baby" or "a puppy" is his way of calling the shots for a few heady minutes. 

Bila main dgn che mek mmg sokmo je kiteorg main masak2...sometime die suap aku..sometime che mek masakkn utk aku tp aku plk yg kene suap pd die...

Bile tny buat ape dekat school she will answer "main masak-masak"..huhu




Nanti bila dia dah besar pasti kita rindu saat2 tu.


yup..harus..skrg nie pun dok terigt-igt..kiki

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