Friday, June 12, 2009


The following modes are found on most SLR models. However, depending on your camera brand, some may not be available.

  • Portrait - Set your digital camera to portrait mode when your taking photographs of people. Portrait mode will set the image color for skin tone perfectly.

  • Landscape - Set your camera to this mode when your taking photos of landscapes. For example if your photographing beach or mountain sceneries.

  • Close Up - Close up mode speaks for itself. For example, when you want to photograph small objects so they fill the whole frame as if to appear larger.

  • Sports - Sports mode should be used when you want to photograph a moving object such as a child or dog running.

  • Night Portrait - Choose night portrait automatic mode when you want to shoot a person in low light such as night time.

  • Flash Off - This mode is useful for times when your not allowed to use a flash. For example, in an art gallery.