Monday, December 14, 2009

Volley Ball Tournament..

hah..nie baru nk story cite on 12 Dec 2009 kat Kompleks sukan D'sara BU3/1..
On Friday suddenly my opismate capits round 1 dept ask anybdy free to attant the tournament. Just 7 prsons only avaiable to attant. So sad..Its ok la kan dr nobody nk i inf mr.hata said pagi2 saturday he must send me there.ho3..

Smp2 kol 8am xde sape pon..if ade award tuk attendance must our grup yg dpt award tu..ho3..around kol 8.30 tasha, anng, capits & pon smp..but ahp grup still x nmpk btg idong..then game start around 9am & our team turn finish on 12am. ok la sbb everybody had their own planning lebih2 lg aku..tournament nie nk g wedding lyna kat ampang plk..

kiteorg xtau ither kiteorg menang/x sbb pas abih 2 round games all of netcare team bwk haluan msing2(blk la gapo lg..)..ek3.

Walaupn x menang tp kiteorg ttp enjoy..mujo mr.hata ok..yg paling best offer me to attant our senior OM's wedding day on JAN 2010 as photographer saje2 just nk increase my experience & improve my skill..ho3..thx alot to he remember his promise on JAN nnt.ho3

So..ere is our team :

Our 1st round player...

Our 2nd round player..ade yg xchg..

Our Team Pas penat bergumbira smp ade yg luka & lebam2..ek3