Monday, May 23, 2011


As Salam

entry: jom join ini contest :

td time lapang sket saje2 jer wat blog walking & i found this just join it for fun & to win a prize from the sponsor..huk3

click image to join

pic yg aku pertaruhkn is pic below :
nie pic 1st May 2010...pic nie time kami student year 1997 sek men. & rendah wat re-union kat Teluk Senangin, Perak...mmg syiok gile time nie sbb we've been friends for 20 years ok...1st time re-union dulu (2003) - sume dh sambung blaja sane la...sini la..then re-union kali nie sume dh kwin..ade baby..yg x abih blaja lagik pon ade..yg x kwin2 lg pon ade jgk..hik3...smp skrg pon kiteorg still keep in touch kat FB..LOVE YOU ALL'S SO MUCH...we can't find other friend who can cry & smile when we need it..but you guys & gals was always be there for all of us..THANX A LOT..

so if i win this contest.. i want this fashion :
sponsor by Droplet-House
it's so sweet lol....huk3

Blogger lain yg aku invite tuk join contest nie is :
cik Ira

hope u gurls feel free to join this contest...



shafmechy said...

thanks join..gud luk =)

follow u too