Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Grab these super cute souvenirs from India, for FREE!

As Salam

entry : contest lagik!!! jom join!!!!

arini aku jumpe lg 1 contest...FREE GIFT FROM INDIA ...sbb the owner of this contest tggl & study kat india.. =)..eh3

T & C simple je..kalo korang suke INDIA & suke ape2 jer dr INDIA...bleh join contest nie... =)

  1. Write ONE entry in your blog regarding this contest.. And please include a list of FIVE things that you like about India.. Anything that you can think of, like the food, places, etc.. Use your creativity! ;)
  2. In your entry, make sure you add a LINK to this blog (
  3. And PASTE the link of your entry in the comments area,.
  4. Oh, don't forget to include you email! So, I will be able to inform you if you are one of the winners :)
5 Things yg aku suke ttg INDIA...
1. ) Aku suke dgn TAJ MAHAL...kalo ade rezeki ke India..aku nk jejak kaki ke sane...aku nk gi situ...indahnyer nmpk.. =)
2.) Aku suke dgn KASHMIR..kalo time musim bunga & salji...perghh!!!! sgt cantik wooo...view die..kalo la ade rezeki pegi..aku mmg akan pilih 2 musim nie...eh3
3.) Aku suke mkn MASA LODEH...mmg pebret kalo g masjid india..mmg akan carik yg panas2..fuhhh!!!! layan..
4.) Aku suke dgn AYAM TANDOORI...mngancam la rase die + bile mkn dgn roti nan..kalo g mkn..mmg kami akan pilih part peha... =)
5. ) Aku jugak suke dgn TOSAI...pernah skali dulu..dh mkn capati..bleh plk mnt tosai...smate2 nk mkn dgn chakni... =)

Nie la jwpn saye utk contest nie...byk tempat jgk yg aku suke kat ade 2 tempat yg utama..nie sume penangan dr filem HINDI...view2 sgt cantik ok...

For more info...bleh click : FREE GIFT FROM INDIA

thx to google pic.. =)